Road Biking

Scroll down to view some of the best road biking routes in Northern Berkshire County, sorted by ride length. All listed routes are intended for experienced cyclists and were visualized using  Rides starting from Williamstown can be completed from North Adams via Route 2.  Please ride safely!

Short Rides (1-15 mi.) Medium Rides (15-40 mi.) Long Rides(40-100 mi.)
MASS MoCA to the Clark (North Adams to Williamstown) Pownal Loop Williamstown Bennington Cycling Loop
Routes 7 and 43 Brodie Mountain Loop Hedges Lake Loop
Oblong Road Middle Pownal Loop Hoosac Tunnel Loop
Tri-State Greylock Surround
Tilda Hill Hoosick Loop
Williamstown Deerfield River Ride
Hoosic River Century Ride

You can also use the interactive Google map below to scope out your own unique routes! Green lines on this map represent paved bike routes and trails that welcome bikes. The most prominent paved trail on this map is the Ashuwilticook Rail Trail , a 10-mile bike path made from a repurposed rail line that runs from Cheshire to Adams.  The Ashuwillticook Rail Trail is a former railroad corridor converted into a 10-foot wide paved, universally accessible, passive recreation path. The Ashuwillticook runs parallel to Route 8 through the towns of Cheshire, Lanesborough and Adams. The southern end of the rail trail begins at the entrance to the Berkshire Mall off MA Rte. 8 in Lanesborough and travels 11.2 miles north to Lime Street in Adams. Parking lots and restrooms are available at selected locations along the way.

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Short Rides (1-15 mi.)

MASS MoCA to the Clark

(North Adams to Williamstown)

Cue Sheet

Distance: 5.0 mi          Elevation Gain: 224 ft.

Description:  Visit some of the most exciting museums in the Berkshires on your bike!  Starting at MASS MoCA travel east along Rt 2 and turn at the Eyes on Main Street to visit the Williams College Museum of Art.  Then continue east on Rt 2, turning south at the rotary onto South Street which leads to the Clark. This is the quickest and most efficient way to travel between North Adams and Williamstown.  The road features wide shoulders, sharrows, and designated bike lanes but is a high-traffic area with many curb cuts. The North Adams YMCA, Stop and Shop, The Spoke, and many more are all accessible along this route.

 Routes 7 and 43

7 43


















Cue Sheet

Distance: 9.3 mi          Elevation Gain: 450 ft.

Description: A short, scenic ride along Routes 7 and 43. No major hills.  Be cautious of the narrow road and lack of shoulders on Rt 43.

Oblong Road


Cue Sheet

Distance: 12.3mi          Elevation Gain: 719 ft.

Description: Shake up the 7-43 route by continuing South on Rt. 43 after The Store at Five Corners (Steele’s Corner) and making the next right onto Oblong Rd. Oblong is a rustic dirt road comprised of rolling hills, covered by plenty of trees to provide shade on a hot summer day.

Medium Rides (15-40 mi.)

Pownal Loop


Cue Sheet

Distance: 18.3mi          Elevation Gain: 1014 ft.

Description: This is a gorgeous ride starting in Williamstown and skirting the Hoosic River on Routes 7 and 346. A gradual uphill for the first 12 miles is rewarded with a long down hill after turning onto N. Pownal Rd.


Brodie Mountain Loop


Cue Sheet

Distance: 27.8          Elevation Gain: 1592 ft.

Description: A long climb up to lovely views and slow ride back down.   Be cautious of the narrow road and lack of shoulders on Rt 43.


Middle Pownal Loop
















Cue sheet

Distance: 28.7mi          Elevation Gain: 2022 ft.

Description: This is a hilly route from Williamstown composed of several miles of hard-packed dirt roads during the first half of the ride that can be traversed on a road or cyclocross bike.



















Cue sheet

Distance: 29.5mi          Elevation Gain: 2371 ft.

Description: Starting from Williamstown, this ride hits Vermont, New York and Massachusetts. It starts with an ascent up the challenging Petersburg Pass, and heads back to Williamstown via Route 346 and Route 7 South.


Tilda Hill

















Cue sheet

Distance: 36.6mi          Elevation Gain: 4141 ft.

Description: This is a challenging ride, starting with a steep climb up the famous Hairpin Turn with breathtaking views of North Adams.


Long Rides (40-100 mi.)

Williamstown Bennington Cycling Loop (

A beautiful ride into the Green Mountains of Vermont. Route 7 offers a wide shoulder with a steady easy climb to North Pownal.  You then enter the quaint town of Bennington where you can enjoy quirky restaurants and shops before crossing into Western New York and returning south into Massachusetts.

 Hedges Lake Loop


Cue sheet

Distance: 59.3 mi          Elevation Gain: 4839 ft.

Description: Start at the intersection of Rt 7 and Pine Valley Rd, heading north (you’ll find good parking behind the gas station on south side of Rt 7). Ride this loop clockwise, through Cambridge. At Hedges Lake, the route crosses Rt2. About 1/4 mile south on Rt 22, there is a good hamburger and beer joint. While mostly typical of Washington Country routes — gently rolling hills, dairy farms, and little to no traffic on great asphalt — this loop has nearly 5,000′ of elevation gain, including a few steep climbs, most notably Mt. Tom. The dividend is a nice 10 mile stretch, mostly down (punctuated by a rocking 12% descent, and a few short climbs).

Hoosac Tunnel Loop


Cue sheet

Distance: 40.0 mi          Elevation Gain: 3437 ft.

Description: This is a hilly, challenging loop for the experienced rider. Ride into Vermont and into the Deerfield River Valley, past the entrance to the Hoosac Tunnel.


Greylock Surround


Cue Sheet

Distance: 40.4 mi          Elevation Gain: 1412 ft.

Description: This route starts in North Adams, heading south towards Cheshire. Once reaching Adams, MA, the scenic Ashuwilticook Rail Trail can be ridden to its end at the Berkshire Mall. From there you will connect to Route 7 by Berkshire Mall Road, which provides a short but steep climb. There is another gradual ascent from Lanesborough to New Ashford as you head North through the Purple Valley on Routes 7 and 43.

Hoosick Loop


Distance: 52.8mi          Elevation Gain: 2759 ft.

Description: The area around Hoosick and Hoosick Falls, NY are full of rolling farm roads and spectacular views, making for some of the most beautiful (and hilly!) rides in the area.


Williamstown Deerfield River Ride (RidewithGPS)

Description: Our scenic ride begins with a steady climb on Rt. 2 heading east from North Adams, with outstanding scenery as your round the hairpin turn and at the Western Summit. After a couple of miles, turn left on Whitcomb Summit Road for a very steep descent that ends after a couple of miles at River Road along the Deerfield River. Turn left and ride past the former Rowe Nuclear Power point. You’ll see kayakers all along this section of the river. At the railroad crossing stop to check out the Hoosac Tunnel . When the road ends in Readsboro Vermont, turn left on Rt. 100 and continue following the river for several miles until the highway merges with Rt. 8 south . You’ll soon have a long slight descent all the way back to Clarksburg MA. Another scenic highlight as you enter North Adams is Natural Bridge State Park.

Hoosic River Century Ride  (RidewithGPS)

Description: The Century Challenge circles the Tomohannock Reservoir and goes to the confluence of the Hoosic and Hudson rivers. It then goes over the Buskirk and Henry Covered Bridges on the way back to the Hoosac School. (1 mile of a good dirt road on the western side of the reservoir).